About the artist

Based in Toronto, Irina Rapaport Jewellery and Textiles is a slow design studio whose mission is to create and make unique jewellery and clothing. Carefully handmade in her studio/boutique at 333 Danforth Ave. in Toronto, these wearable art objects are produced in small series of one of a kind pieces, which you will find in her store and online. Each object is handmade. The charm of tiny imperfections is inherent to craftwork, such as a quirky piece of fabric or a polka dot bead made from scratch, or subtle flaws left by the work of time on old materials. Every one of her pieces is born with particular features which make it unique, not always perfect, but definitely authentic.
Irina started making jewellery in 2005 and her textile collage eco-friendly clothing line in 2013. She opened her store in 2019. She is mainly self-taught. Trained in art and architecture, Irina draws her influences largely from patterns, geometry and textures. Space and the third dimension are an integral part of her design concept. The artist is recognized for her originality, she is challenging the notion of what is “conventional” jewellery and clothing…taking it into the realm of the unusual, the enigmatic, the unexplored, pushing the boundaries into the eccentric and the unexpected. The spontaneous quality of her wearable art makes each creation one-of-a-kind. All pieces are designed and hand-crafted by the artist in Toronto, Canada
Irina Rapaport is the winner of 2014 Best in Show Jewellery Award at Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition and 2018 Best Wearable Art in Show at Haliburton Art and Craft Show